Joint health


Feb 25, 2012
Rocky Mountains
Does anybody else have bad joints? Mine don't really hurt besides my shoulder, but I've had loose joints all my life. My knees and ankles crack just walking down the hallway at work. It's not painful, but I work our hard and hunt hard and I'm a little bit worried about being in bad shape later in life as a result. Is there anything you guys do to preserve your joints?



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Feb 24, 2012
Liberty Lake, WA
Unfortunately yes! My right knee has been rebuilt twice and my left is now starting to have wear issues. When I had the knee rebuilt 20+ yrs ago the first time my ortho told me about the chondroiten and glucosamine. Since that time I have lived on the stuff to help prevent the inevitable replacement! Research says it helps, just not sure how it works. I take 1 pain free tablet that has both glucosamine and chondroiten each day, along with 1 glocosamine sulfate tablet each day(glucosamine I read is the more vital of the two and in powder form it is supposed to be absorbed better they say), along with a swallow of the liquid form of pain free. May be overkill, but my ortho says I should have had a replacement already, so something is working. The cracking by itself is not an indication of an issue, but if you hear grinding or a gravely sound that is a wear issue with no real opportunity to improve it or reverse it, you can only manage it. Good luck!