Who doesn't have elk plans yet, but wants a chance at a great hunt?

les welch

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Feb 25, 2012
Central WI
If you are interested in a hunt this fall, and don't have one lined up yet this might before you.

This is mainly a rifle hunt. You could use bow, rifle, or ml as it is a Ranching for Wildlife tag. This is a free range hunt in NW (Craig area) Colorado. We get this hunt at a discounted price $3000 ($5500 hunt). We use it as a fundraiser for our RMEF IndianHead Chapter banquet. The hunt will take place over first rifle season this fall. Lodging, 5 course meals, trasportation to and from hunt, guiding, gutting, etc is all included. What winner needs to provide....transportation to CO, hunting license, and tip. Tickets are being sold pre-banquet and you need not be present to win. Winner will be posted up here, on FB, on the RMEF site, etc. Tickets are $50 each, limited to 125 tickets. I can provide information to the past years hunt winners for you to talk with. This is with Snake River Outfitters. They are 100% opportunity and over 95% kill! Unreal for a wild free range elk hunt. SRO can accomodate just about anyones needs, from wheel chair to the extreme back pack guy....more details to come, but a $50 donation to RMEF could net you a great hunt!


Mar 24, 2012
Warren Oregon
Les, you asked the wrong question. Every serious elk hunter has plans. They may have several contingencies based on the draw, but this is May. We start my planning as soon as our hunt is finished, and usually finalize the last details the evening before the new season opens. I got my elk last August, so I am impatiently just crossing off days on my calander. I know you know that, but I brought it up just for fun.