Feb 26, 2012
Pueblo, CO
I have been training pretty hard for the upcoming fall 2012 season. This has been a compilation of weight training and cardio since January. I am still young and train for raw strength and condition with what I consider the necessary cardio. Eliptical, Backpack cardio at Red Rocks and just hiking. As the hunting draws near, very near, I have started to deload in the working out department. At this point in the game I figure that my body is fully prepared for the hunt physically. (I know it is getting close because on the mental side i am starting to lose sleep!! :) )

A injury would be a disaster to me, a shoulder, knee or back stress could haunt me for the rest of the fall. So within the last ten days or week, weightlifting has decreased simply by 15% or 20%. My cardio will remain the same but backpacking heavy weight will also decrease until the actual pack in. The way I see it is that my body should already be ready to go.

Ready to hunt, can hardly take this office that I work in!! Cooler weather is in the air and as much as it has me stirred up I certainly hope that the animals are feeling more frisky also.


Mar 17, 2012
Sancho, thats wise. I too let off the gas as the season approaches. For the last 6 weeks all lifting has been in the 12-15 rep range. Cardio is still going strong but Ill quit the hiit stairmill 5 days out. I let myself sleep in and rest as much as I can the last few days before a hunt, after all, 10 days is rough no matter how hard I train.