Quick Shooting Trip @ the Farm

Nov 30, 2012
Northern Idaho
Took the Ulite to the farm this afternoon since I had completed the conversion from a Western ML to a 209 gun and installed a scope...

But I did have a few problems... Last time out I forgot that I shot all of my 458 sabots. So I could not shoot the 458-275 grain Bloodline as I did in the first two tests. So I ended up shooting some Speer .452-300 grain DC's. in a MMP HPH-24 sabot.

After installing the scope I did bore sight it in the house @ 13 yards. Well, I must be getting better because when I got to the farm and got everything setup - I took the first shot out of a cold clean barrel @ 25 yards - it pushed the bull out!!! Dang! What-the-heck??? I just got up and moved the target to 50 yards and shot a kinda nice 5 shot group. Actually if I would reduce the trigger pull a bit it might have been better. This group was shot one right after another - no real time for barrel cooling.


Speaking of which tonight cleaning the rifle I did run the trigger pull down to about 2.5 - but I will probably run it back to 3+ for hunting season.

Another thing that I think is making a really big difference for this Knight as compared to my other is the aluminum mounting block welded into the Kevlar stock. I know this stock is not cheap - probably $350+ but I think now that is more than just a light weight stock. The rifle with scope, steel bases and ring weighs in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. That is actually lighter than my MK-85 with open sights.



This block may be more important than I thought in the job that it performs. I know the bedding blocks make a big difference for target shooters just did not think it was that important for a hunting rifle.

The next part is pure speculation, but is fun to think that this is what happened.

Shooting the 75 yard birds I was using a 6:00 hold on the bird. My first shot on the first bird broke the cent of clay out. Thought I was pretty good to that. Actually probably pretty lucky. I then shot the next two birds and I splattered them. So thought what heck and decided to go back to the first bird. My second shot on the bird I used the same 6:00 hold - touched the gun off and DANG! the donut bird was still there. OK so maybe I missed, but then again same hold - what if I went through the donut hole again... OK load up another only this time I drop the cross hairs just a bit below the bird figuring to hit the bottom of the rim. Shot again and still it stands!!! Decide to grab the camera and go out and see where the shot traces are in the ground.

Welllll, look at this picture...


As near I can tell shots 1 & 2 were about in the same place in the ground. The third shot just barely got over the rim of the bird and just a bit right...

Also should mention the scope... That Redfield was really clear and sharp - at this point I am really glad I went with it. Got to do more shooting with it but at this point.... It might be as good as Redfield says it is...

Hoping to get out tomorrow afternoon again...