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  • Ok so if I go with the Williams WGRS would the fire sight stay the same specs as you gave me? Once again thanks for all the help. I'm really excited for this setup!
    And just so you know the Williams FP will work on the ULite as the stick is to thick on the side that the sight hangs over,
    NO not necessarily... I chose to use the NECG so that I could take it off and drop a scope on if I wanted to...
    Sorry for the broken up message but PM messages only allow 1000 characters per message

    If you can not make heads or tails let me know - mike
    NECG Peep

    PEEP SIGHT | Brownells

    Warne Bases W826/826B

    Maxima 2-Piece Base Knight Disc Matte
    Mfr Part: M826826M

    Front Ramp
    Streamlined Ramp 3/16" Screw-on
    Mfr Part: 1690

    Williams front fire Sight
    Red Fire Sight fits 312N
    Mfr Part: 56434

    Fire sight Hood
    Fire Sight Hood
    Mfr Part: 70031
    On the front I remove the Knight sight and install a Williams Streamlined Ramp and the associated parts...


    Front sight setup

    Here is the list of parts from Bownells... They are currently out of the NECG peep but you can go to the NECG web site and get one directly form them.
    So this is a picture of a Western Ulite

    Sure - I can get you that information...

    Photobucket is not working well right now so I can not get to the pictures....

    If I forget send me a PM and remind me!

    So just ordered a Knight UL western edition and I would love your recipe for aftermarket open sights. Thank you for all your help!
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