Mush Lake, Uganik Lake, Kodiak Island


Aug 13, 2022
Anchorage AK
Hello all,

Location: Alaska, Kodiak Island
Hunt: DB224 Kodiak brown bear, Uganik Lake area
Season: Fall 2023

Here’s the situation: it looks like we are not going to get the cabin on Uganik Lake for the fall 2023 bear hunt and will be tent camping. The deer hunters have the cabin heavily locked up on
(I do not mind deer hunters, and everyone has an equal opportunity to reserve the cabin. Just describing the situation).
Those of you who know the area…is it better to make camp on Uganik Lake with the deer hunters as competition, or is Mush Lake a good alternative? Are there areas around Mush Lake that would make a good camp area? Can a Beaver land on Mush Lake and get close enough to the shore to unload gear?
Any info you can provide would be very welcome!
(Cross-posting to Blacktail deer forum and Alaska Outdoor site also)
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