Kodiak island deer hunt

Sep 29, 2023
Starting to think about planning a Blacktail hunt on Kodiak island in the next 3-6 years and wondering about anyone’s experiences with good outfitters, either transport and camp on the island and pick back up at end of hunt or transport everyday and stay on a boat on the water, the more info you could provide the better, costs, trip lengths success rates and good outfitters as well some to stay away from if you had a bad experience.


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Dec 28, 2015
Go with Jake Jefferson alaskas black river hunting camps. It's not a transport or boat based hunt. It's a take a beaver and get dropped and tent it with the big bears. You won't find a better hard working honest guy. Great stories and great food while tenting it. It's a great hunt

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Nov 30, 2021
if your coming from out of state. Boat based hunt gives you some more option to also do some fishing and duck hunting. However if you solely just want to hunt getting dropped off has some advantage

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Mar 12, 2014
Thornton, CO
Early season you if you're gearing yourself up you can just get flown into a lake of your choice on a float plane and dropped off. Island air is the major transporter (with multiple planes and pilots) and there are some other smaller operations too but I don't know who they are offhand. I did a fly in trip a few years back. They have a walk in fridge and freezer at the hanger if they pick up a deer from you mid hunt (when you could have multipe tags).

Later season you can do boat based hunting, I'll let others chime in there.

If you book lodging at the best western on the way in/out they have an airport shuttle and also a walk in freezer you can freeze meat in on the back end. Pack your head and deboned meat into a fish box or a plastic tote (walmart in town) and freeze it all before checking it in. Multiple places to eat in town and a decent little brewery (I haven't tried the newer cider place yet). HIGHLY recommend going to the sushi place if you're in town.

If not doing a boat based hunt I'd highly recommend trying to get in a day of charter fishing out of kodiak while you're up there, its usually quite productive and addicting (I've been going back each summer just to fish). Check that frozen fish in too. If you fish on the front end of the trip then your fish will definitely be processed and frozen before you leave. If you fish on the back end of the trip then it might have to get shipped to you after the fact if you aren't around long enough for it to be processed and frozen.


May 7, 2017
Our group hunted with Swoboda charters in 2022 and will be heading back out with them this fall. We had an amazing trip, shot some really nice buck and some meat deer, caught a bunch of cod & halibut, shot a couple fox, seen some bears, and ate like a king for the week. The only thing we missed out on was not making a point to duck hunt one day. Won't make that same mistake this year. I have nothing bad to say about them.