Hilleberg Akto vs Tarptent Scarp 1

Apr 14, 2012
I was looking at getting a Hilleberg Akto, but come across the Tarpent Scarp 1.

I saw a great review Aron did on the Akto.

Anyone have any experience with the Tarptent?
The tarptent seems to have some advantages over the Akto.
abiltiy to pitch free standing (with optional poles, adds 12 oz)
dual vestilube

Any input would be appreciated.

les welch

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Feb 25, 2012
Central WI
Have not used the Scarp, but have great first hand knowledge with the TarpTent Double Rainbow. Again double vestibule, double entry, free standing. Great shelter. I would go this route again before the Atko, if I didn't need a true year round 4 season tent. The tarp tent is more like 3.5 seasons.
May 6, 2012
I own the Atko and use it exclusively. The tent is bomb proof and likely more tent than I need (overkill)but like the security (in my mind) to be honest. I have slept like a baby in NASTY NASTY weather up on top when my buddies were a bit scared with less tent. In one storm they yelled out " if it gets worse, Im coming in" I won't tell you my response :)

Porch - I normally have as much gear as I can inside the tent (even pack). The porch is small.
Small - if you like room, you might not like this tent. I personally only need a place to lay my head
Weight - if weight is your thing but like the security, you might be missing the 2015 Hilley "Enan" They dropped 1.5 pounds on the Atko. Not as light as what you are looking at but Atko much lighter. More like a 3 season tent.

I have never used the TarpTent but it too has my interest for early season.

Our goal with our new, Yellow Label Enan was to create a solo three-season tent that was both very light – 1.1 kg/2 lbs 7 oz packed weight – but that also matched our principles of strength. While the Enan takes after our award-winning, best-selling Akto in design, and uses the same DAC NSL 9 mm pole, it is very much its own tent. The Enan uses new, lighter fabrics, including our new, proprietary Kerlon 600 outer tent fabric, a 10 denier high tenacity ripstop Nylon 66 triple coated with 100 percent silicone. Kerlon 600 offers an impressive 6 kg (13.2 lbs) tear strength at an equally impressive 26 g/m[SUP]2[/SUP] (.77 oz/ yd[SUP]2[/SUP]). Overall, the new Enan is pleasantly roomy, wonderfully lightweight, and small in packed size, making it a superb choice for snow-free adventures where having your own space is just as important as lightweight strength!