Best his & hers "do it all" calibers


Apr 10, 2014
Northern CA
What does that recoil get you? About 250 fps. That means less drop and more energy when the bullet gets there.
Even down at sea level, factory 6.5CM Hornady PH/Match ammo will get you 600ish yards for 1800fps minimum upset which is well past the OP's 500yd max. 6.5CM and 6.5PRC also have the same wind number. So really the 40% extra recoil gains the OP no practical advantage for 0-500 hunting, and makes for less fun practice sessions.

What if you get a shot at a big Elk bull and it is at a range that makes the 6.5CM marginal? What if the presentation is not idea?
What sub-500 shot presentation would you take with the 6.5PRC that you wouldn't with the 6.5CM, assuming factory 143eldx/140eldm fired from both, and why?
Apr 10, 2020
The Great Outdoors
I share a 7-08 with my 11 and 15 yr old. I reload for each of us. 8# scoped and loaded.

162 ELDx @2750fps for me
130 Speer SPBT @2600 for them

so far only whitetail, Axis deer, and mouflan sheep but all 1 shot kills out to 450.

if I had to use factory, I’d choose a bonded 140gr bullet and feel just fine inside 500yds on most NA animals minus big bears.


Jul 4, 2014
My vote is for the 7mm-08. I just love the 7mm calibers in general. From my completely unscientific and anecdotal experience, they just seem to hit harder and kill stuff deader.

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May 7, 2023
I own few Browning's couple X bolts and one A bolt medallion and they're all shooters. One in 300WSM, one in 6.5CM and one in 300WM. Sometimes with ammo availability I've thought about selling both the x bolts and just getting a 30-06. It's always easy to find and without a doubt can kill anything in north America. I know a lot of folks are partial to Tikka but I personally don't think it gets much better than Browning.


Oct 15, 2020
My wife and I both shoot 7mm-08 and are very happy with it. It has excellent performance and good availability, and a wide range of bullets and suitable loads. (I went with a 150gr round.)

This started by my buying her a Weatherby Vanguard Camilla, a rifle with a stock specifically made for women. It's a great rifle and in this caliber, shoots soft but hits hard. She fell in love with it.

I had been shooting 30-06 until then, but I fell in love with the round too and decided to try it myself. I picked up a budget Savage XP Hunter in it in a carbine length and that's been my go-to for the past 3-4 years.

I'm not sure about the ammo-harder-to-find detail. I feel like a lot of ammo is still in that category if it isn't shipped by the pallet (e.g. 9mm handgun). Right now, Sportsman's Warehouse and Midway both have several options available. YMMV, but for me, this thing is the sweet spot.

The only issue you are likely to have with two 6.5 cms is the number of memes and people who will make odd faces when you tell them what you are shooting. I get around that by telling people that I’m shooting a 265 Scandinavian or a 260 pseudo Swede. Occasionally I will tell people it’s a 500 Gibbs with a wicked muzzle break. Usually there is a long enough delay in the conversation that I can exit stage left or I can just whip out pictures of dead stuff.
Pictures of dead stuff always a conversation changer!!🤣
Oct 19, 2017
What if you get a shot at a big Elk bull and it is at a range that makes the 6.5CM marginal? What if the presentation is not idea? What if you are hunting in a state that limits hunters to Copper -> you need more velocity

Umm...get closer? If you shoot something out there, you gotta walk over there anyways. Might as well shoot it when you get there