Wyoming Unit 94 Antelope

Apr 29, 2012
North fork of the Umpqua, Oregon
Hi all...my wife and I drew Unit 94 antelope tags in Wyoming. I have hunted have hunted Wyoming antelope half a dozen times and when it comes to just pure fun hunting, antelope hunting can hardly be beat!

We plan to hunt the unit around October 1. That will be 3 weeks after the September 10 season opener, the bucks should be in rut and the crowd thinned out. I have never been on Unit 94 and wonder if anyone has some recommendations of where to focus our efforts. We will be taking our camper and Yamaha Rhino so we can target just about any place on the unit. I have taken about a dozen antelope and our goal is for 80"+ bucks.

If you have any helpful info on that unit, I'd appreciate it. If you would rather, feel free to PM me..thanks a bunch.