Trail Riding Horses around Page, AZ


Feb 16, 2015
Boise, ID
My wife and I are traveling to visit family in Tucson but staying the night in Page, AZ on the way south from Idaho, with some time to kill. Curious if anyone knows of any good easy trails to get out and do a little trail ride around Page? It's hard googling such a thing because you just get inundated with google hits for setups where you're going on a guided trail ride for folks that don't have their own horses.

Just wanting to get out in the desert a bit for an hour or two ride but seems like the reservation lands around there are probably off limits and it's hard when you don't have first hand knowledge. Would love to ride around antelope canyon but not sure if a private person can take their own horse there of if concessions only?

Edit: guess it makes sense with this question, but forgot to say we have our two horse with us.