Took the Vision to the Farm

Nov 30, 2012
Northern Idaho
Some know that Grouse sent his new 2013 Knight Vision out west to me to shoot and to do a couple of maintanance jobs for him.

I completed remounting the scope last night. I remove the standard rings Grouse had on the rifle and installed a pair Millet Medium Extension rings. This would allow me to mount the scope and get it the objective a little further back. This would allow me and my short arms to shoulder the rifle and get on the scope comfortably....

This was the original mount that Grouse got from Knight


This is the mount after I installed the Millet Extension rings... There was one slight problem. The Millet Mediums were meant to with Warne bases which have a much lower profile than does the scope rail that Knight is offering. As a result the scope is a tad bit higher than I would really like it. I really wish I had a pair of Millet low rings I could have used... You can see these allowed me to get the scope back another 3/4" which was a big improvement for me. If the scope turrents were located a little farther forward I could have brough the scope back even further.


This afternoon it seemed the wind had died down quite a bit here in town so I thought it would be agood opportunity to go to the farm and get some shooting in. At least get it sighted in at 25 yards.

Got to the farm and got set up, but somebody forgot to tell the wind to quit out there. It was blowing well! But, I was there sooooo.

It actually turned out to be a decent shoot... and I even shot the expensive stuff BH-209.

I walked the target out to what I thought would be very close to 25 yards, forgot to take the range finder out with me... So I set the target and squared it to the bench. Walked back in - picked the range finder up off the tailgate - shot the range - I was close... but it was not 25 it was 34!

This target were the results of my first 12 form this new riflle. The first two shots were not bad for the bore sighting job that I did. I then ran the elevation up a bit. Took 3 more shots adjusted the elevation again and then ran the windage left to get to the bull. Somehow I did some 'fuzzy math' and ended up across the bull. But since I was there I finished the shot group and then did a little better math job and move the POI back to the right. I think these 12 shots on paper are a really good indication that the rifle is going to be accurate and it makes me anxious to get back out there to so more shooting with the rifle.


Shooting this target I was I guess even thinking a bit negative about two thing... The scope was a bit high and I had used a piece of leather as a comb lift to get a good cheek fit. Second was the trigger... when you get use to a really good adjustable trigger, which this one is not, I was not excited about shooting paper with it. It all turned out all right and you would probably not even notice my worries while hunting. It does have a small amount if 'Take-up' in it and a little 'Creep'. But once I got use to it I felt I could manage those two concerns easily enough. At home I had measured the trigger pull at a consistent and repetitve 4#.

After the target shoot, I ended up shooting clay pigeons chips that were spread out in the field above the target. I got 6 more shots in on chips between 75 and 100 yards.

In the picture below you can see the events. The spent W209's showed very little in the way of blow back on them. The breech are also showed very little evidence of blow back. Some of this may be due to the vact that I had installed the BP wrapped in Teflon tape and may have help sealed blowback also.


The Scope: The new Redfield Revenge scope was/is really a fine looking scope when looking through it. It is very bright and the reticule is not difficult to see through or by at all. At 34 yards I did not get to the use the range finding aspect of the scope. The fast focus ring on the objective work very to clearly displat the reticule to these old eyes of mine. Running the scope through the powers - it maintained clearity and brilliance. Shooting the 100 yard chips of broken birds was a challenge but not because the scope was not showing them to me. The chips were clear as day... I think it is going to be a very good scope for the price. I would have expected to pay for more it as a matter of fact...