Theory/Inspiration/Something to go off of for you looking for direction

Feb 24, 2012
Rochester Hills, MI
I've taken this from my post on and put it here for some of you looking for some direction or advice. Its not all encompassing but it can help some of you guys with questions answer things yourself on what to do or what you should be doing to get ready for the backcountry.

I've also got a theory for back country fitness that anybody can apply to their fitness routine, eating habits, etc.

Think of it in a very Plato esque way...
Have to give credit to one of my favorite philosophers...

I'll call it Nik's Theory of Backcountry Fitness.

Imagine your backcountry fitness ability as a triangle, and that triangle involves 3 equal parts. Each of the 3 parts needs to be equally developed to be the best back country hunter you can become. Strive to achieve balance in the abilities.

Mental Toughness

We as humans tend to gravitate towards our strengths. I'll use myself for example. In my particular situation my strength is just that, strength. I can lift immense amounts of weight. But what good will that do me if I can't go 200 yards without stopping for a breather? Or if I get up to the top of a ridge and I'm gasping for air? Being able to deadlift 700 lbs does me no good if I don't have the drive to push over the next ridge when my legs are burning. Being able to run a marathon non stop is amazing, but what good will that do you if you cannot deadlift enough weight to move your elk into position to quarter it? To become the best back country hunter you can become, instead of focusing on your strengths (which is a natural thing, throw it out the window. I know its hard.) FOCUS ON YOUR WEAKNESSES AS A BACKCOUNTRY HUNTER. Develop your weakness and improve upon it. Use this theory and sit down and apply it to your workouts. Look at the moves in your workouts and really evaluate if they are giving you anything in terms in the theory. Does your workout push you? Or do you just go in hit your sets without breaking a sweat or failing on your second to last rep? You know exactly what you lack in or your strengths are as a wilderness athlete. Start training the weakness and you will become a better back country hunter.



Mar 7, 2013
Imagine your back nation fitness capability as a triangular, and that triangular includes 3 equivalent areas. Each of the 3 areas needs to be similarly designed to be the best back nation seeker you can become. Endeavor to accomplish stability in the capabilities.