WTS Several pistols & rifles for sale.

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Dec 19, 2021
Central Michigan
These are all personally owned, mostly mine, some are my wifes'.

Pics are available for everything, there are just too many to post.

With a few exceptions, I have the factory cases/boxes.

S&W SW1911 .45AC PStainless, "E" model $850.00 Sold.
S&W 327 .357 Performance Center $1,250.00 Sold.
S&W 625-8 .45ACP Jerry Miculek edition, moon clips $1,150.00 Sold.
Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter .41 mag SBH Hunter, Burris 2-7x32 $1,200.00 Sold.
Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter .45 Colt SBH Hunter, Burris 4x $1,200.00 Sold.
Ruger LCP-P .380 Pink $275.00 Gone to auction
Ruger 22/45 .22lr Lite, Blue, Threaded barrel, Weaver RDS $450.00 Sold.
Ruger SR22 .22lr Purple, threaded barrel $450.00 Sold.
Glock 17 9mm Two-tone, Trijicon night sights, 2 standard mags, 6x33 rd mags, CT Laser grip, LW threaded barrel $750.00 Gone to auction
Glock 21SF .45ACP 6 standard mags 4 with +2s, 3 KCI 26 rds., LW threaded barrel, factory barrel $800.00 Gone to auction
Glock 43x 9mm Tiffany Eng Fxd $650.00- Unfired Gone to auction
RIA M1911 A1 .45ACP RIA Tactical $550.00 Gone to auction
Taurus PT7380 .380 Yellow, Pachmyr grip, CT laser $275.00 Gone to auction
HK USP45 .45ACP V1 $1,100.00 $975 Gone to auction
Kimber Sapphire Micro 0.380 2 factory mags, extra grips $1,300.00 $950 Gone to auction
Springfield PC9107LP .45ACP night sights, TRP Tactical , $1,500.00 Sold.

Schroeder-Bauman American Defender .45ACP Serial# 2!! $2,300.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer 1911R-45-BSS .45ACP w/Rail, night sights, $1100.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer P238 Spartan .380 $1,000.00

Sig Sauer 1911-45-B-XO .45ACP $850.00

Sig Sauer Mosquito .22lr Pink, $375.00 Gone to auction
Sig Sauer Mosquito .22lr Purple, $375.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer 1911CO-45 .45ACP $1,000.00
Sig Sauer 1911 RCS .45ACP $1,450.00 $1250.00
Sig Sauer 1911 Spartan .45ACP $1,500.00 Gone to auction
Sig Sauer 226 MK25-TB 9mm threaded barrel, 1/2-28 adapter $1,200.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer MPX 9mm Folding, 5 x 30 rd mags, 5 x 20 rd mags, VX-R Patrol 1.25-4, LT104 $2,600.00 Gone to auction
Sig Sauer 1911 FTCA .45ACP Nightmare $1,400.00 $1250.00 Gone to auction
Sig Sauer 1911 Max .45ACP -Unfired $1,450.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer P226 Legion 9mm DA/SA $1,200.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm DA/SA $1,150.00 Sold.
Sig Sauer P220 Legion 10mm DA/SA $1,650.00
MRI DE357 .357 with .44 Mag conversion installed 2 mags each, $2,300.00
Remington R1 Enhanced .45ACP threaded barrel $800.00 Sold.
Colt Delta Elite 10mm Blued, $1,000.00 Sold.
Colt National Match .45ACP Gold Cup, Talo #211 of 250, series 80, it's unfired $2,875.00
Colt Python 0.357 Blued, 6", custom elephant holster, 1985, Hogue and factory grips $3,500.00
Browning 1911-380 .380 3 mags, like new Crossbreed Mini-Tuck $800.00
Gone to auction
Beretta/Wilson 92G 9mm Centurian Action tune & trigger job by Wilson, rail,- Unfired $1,200.00 Sold.
Sig/Wilson WCP320 9mm Action tune & trigger job by Wilson, rail, tungsten weights,- Unfired $1,200.00
Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45ACP $3,250.00
Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry 9mm $2,750.00
Wilson Combat CQB .45ACP $3,000.00
Wilson Combat EDC X9L 9mm Rail,- Unfired $2,750.00
Wilson Combat EDC X9S 9mm Rail,- Unfired $2,350.00 Sold.
Wilson Combat Hunter .460 Rowland CT grips $3,500.00 Sold.
Wilson Combat ACP .45ACP Commander,- Unfired $2,200.00 Gone to auction
Hudson H9 9mm Ffactory threaded barrel, 3 mags $1,350.00 Gone to auction

MPA DS9 Hybrid 9mm Unfired $2,900.00

ETA: Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion .380 $750.00

CavArms CAV-150 .223 Bison Armory 6.8 SPC upper 18" SS bbl w/ YHM Phantom mount, Minox ZA5 TAC 1.2-6x24, LT104, YHM lw ff rail, Geiselle SSA trigger, CAV-AID 2008 #046 $1,700.00 Gone to auction
LaRue PredatAR 5.56 Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 FFP DichroTech Illum BDC Reticle , Fastfire 2, LT104-30, YHM Phantom mount, MBT-2S flat $3,200.00 Gone to auction
LaRue LT-7.62 (tOBR) Multi Sig Tango6 4-24x50 LevelPlex, LT204, YHM Phantom mount, MBT-2S $5,200.00 Gone to auction

LaRue LT-5.56 (tOBR) 5.56 Sig Tango4 6-24 Dev-L MRAD, LT807 YHM Phantom mount, MBT-2S $3,400.00

LaRue LT-15 6.5 G FDE Special Edition, Meopta Optika6, 3-18x50mm FFP RD MRAD Illum., LT204, PRI Gasbuster, YHM Phantom mount $3,000.00

LaRue LT-15 6.5 G Crimson Trace 6-24x56 MR-1 MOA Illum, PRI Gasbuster, YHM Phantom mount $1,900.00 Gone to auction
LaRue LT-15 Multi 18”/13.2" Stealth upper, Trijicon Accupower 4-16x50, YHM Phantom mount, PRI Gasbuster, UDE Furniture, MBT-2S $2,400.00 Gone to auction

LaRue LT-15 Multi Stealth 2.0 M-Loc upper, 20" Stealth barrel, MBT-2S flat ,US Optics TS 5-25x50mm JVCR, Sig Alpha2 mount, YHM Phantom mount, PRI Gasbuster $2,200.00

LaRue LT-15 Multi MBT-2S, Black CTR, Ergo, Stealth upper, Odin Works 18" DMR BBL, Sig TANGO4 , 6-24x50mm, FFP, Dev-L Mrad Illum , LT104 VFZ $1,800.00

LaRue LT-15 Multi Wilson Combat upper, Criterion 20" HBAR 223, OdinWorks adj gas block, Wilson mount, TriggerTech Competitive flat, US Optics TS 5-25x50mm CMS, Spikes H2 buffer, UTG Pro 17" rail, YHM Phantom mount, ERGO grey $2,200.00

LaRue LT-15 Multi Black & Tan, Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6, LT104 Unfired $3,100.00

CMMG MK-9 9mm Factory RRA upper, 16", Vortex RDS, LT152 $1,400.00 Gone to auction
S&W M&P 15-22 .22lr $450.00 Sold.
Sun Devil Mfg SD15 Multi ACS, MOE hg, Factory Sabre 24" bull barrel upper, US Optics TS-20X GENIIXR, LT158, Troy CQB, MBT-2S $2,400.00 Gone to auction
Anderson MFG AM-15.223/5.56 Sabre upper, ALG handguard, 20" Stealth barrel, MBT-2S, US Optics TS 2.5-20x50 JCVR, LT204, STR, YHM Phantom mount, $1,800.00 Gone to auction
Anderson MFG AM-15.223/5.56 built lower $300.00 Sold.
Wilson Combat Recon Tactical 6.5C Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30 FFP MOA, Griffin SPRM mount, YHM Phantom mount, USO level $5,000.00
Savage A22 .22lr Nikon X1000, 4-16x50, cheap rings $1,000.00
Gone to auction

Remington 700 0.308 26" barrel, MDT Gen 1 XL chassis, MDT Skeleton Stock, Badger 20 MOA rail, YHM Phantom mount, USO TS-20, 2.5-20x50 JCVR, Sig Alpha Tactical rings TriggerTech Special 2-stage
$2,700.00 $2600.00

Tula SKS 7.62x39 Blade Bayo $750.00 Sold.
Tula SKS 7.62x39 Blade Bayo $750.00 Sold.
Henry Big Boy 0.357 Henry base, Burris rings, Trijicon Accupoint 1-4 green triangle $1,800.00 Gone to auction
Ruger 10/22 .22lr 50th Anniversary, Pink laminate stock, Leupold VX-1 3-9x40, Leupold rings $450.00 Gone to auction
Ruger American Target .22lr Cabelas Covenant 5, 5-25x56, cheap rings $850.00 Gone to auction
Browning X-Bolt Eclipse Hunter 7mm-08 Sig Alpha rings, Leica Amplus6 scope, 2.5-15x50 $2,500.00 Gone to auction
Browning X-Bolt Eclipse Varmint .204 Ruger Vortex PMR rings, Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 $1,800.00 Gone to auction
Bergara B-14 BMP 6.5C Leupold 20 MOA rail, Trijicon AccuPower 4.5-30x56mm FFP MRAD, Sig Alpha Tactical rings , YHM Phantom mount, Timney 2-stage, USO level $2,700.00 Gone to auction
Howa HORX72563 6.5C Oryx chassis, Trijicon AccuPower 4.5-30x56mm FFP MRAD Sig Alpha Tactical rings, YHM Phantom mount, USO level $2,600.00 Gone to auction

Howa Mini 6.5G Boyd's At-One stock, Weaver rail, Sig Tango6 2-12x40 FFP, Sig Alpha rings $1,600.00

RW Snyder BCR 0.308 Blueprinted & trued, spiral bolt, oversize bolt handle, 20 moa rail, 24" Bartlein 1/10 M24 barrel, Magpul Pro 700 stock black, Badger Ord M5 trigger guard, Timney 2-stage trigger, Leica PRS 5-30x56 PRB #51300, YHM Phantom mount $6,000.00

I've done my best to price everything fairly. If I'm off on something, I'm open to discussion.

There are a few of these that are the only guns I have in that particular caliber, namely .41 mag, .45 Colt, .460 Rowland, and 6.8 SPC. I have some ammo available to the buyers.

Prices are for ftf in central MI, Gladwin area, or plus shipping from my dealer to yours. PP F&F, Zelle, Venmo, USPS MO, cash, checks held until cleared.

The only trade I'd be interested in is an HK P7.

ETA: Please ask questions by IM or email.

ETA: There's another trade possibility: Ruger American or maybe a Bergara B-14 Hunter or HMR 6.5C. Glass not necessary, but will consider it, depending.

ETA: Would consider trading for a ZCO 5-27 2, 3, or 3x.
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Jan 17, 2018
You are definitely on the ATF’s radar. Sweet collection!

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Nov 23, 2018
You have to build a separate house for all those guns or what? Nice collection.

Too bad you don't have any 12 gauge on that list
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Mar 3, 2020
Could you send or post a pic of the ruger in .41? Thanks!

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