Schoeller Soft shell pant by Thunderbolt sportswear


Feb 24, 2012
Salem, OR
Hey I just wanted to let guys know I got a new pair of pants to wear and try out made by Thunderbolt sportswear. They are made with Schoeller Dryskin softshell material. They are 4 way stretch, breathable, etc... all the good stuff you want in a pant. They only come in black (for now) and are jean cut. (no cargo pockets) They also have their nanosphere DWR treating on them. They are very comfortable.

Would anyone of you be interested in possibly looking into another brand of high end softshell for scouting/hiking etc..?

I am talking with them about seeing if a camo print is an option, like using ASAT predator or something? I doubt it is but I told him to check into it. Not sure I would pay the extra $40 over the KUIU Attack pants (in fact I know I wouldn't)

Anyway just wanted to let you know about them and get some feedback. Love when I find out about new gear.

FYI I am not affiliated with Thunderbolt Sportswear at all.