Restarting bowhunting after 5 years of rifle only hunting, help appreciated selecting new gear

Aug 6, 2018
I would like advice on selecting new archery related items for a bow hunting set-up. I am planning on bowhunting this fall and looking at my current gear has me wanting to replace it all. What would you recommend for a new bow, sight, rest, quiver, broadheads, fletching.....everything. I think I am going to replace everything down to the arrow shafts and start new, except maybe my release and hardcase. If you could let me know what items you think are reliable and effective for my use, I would really appreciate the help building this spreadsheet. I do build my own arrows from shafts. My draw length is around 33'' and I will be hunting at the maximum draw weight offered for the bow selected. Not married to any brands, this system worked ok but can be improved upon. I will be testing arrow flight with different vane configs, brass, etc.

My uses:
all around archery hunting system for deer, black bear, hogs and possibly elk in the future
mix of mobile tree stand (saddle) hunting and still hunting currently, typical to the midwest as far as distances and mileage hiked
carry on pack or in hand
store and travel in hardcase

My set up that I am replacing:
Hoyt Powermax long draw 31'' and 73 lb draw
aftermarket strings
HHA Optimizer single pin with light
Black Eagle 5mm 150 spine arrows + brass
Slick Trick Grizz Trick fixed broadhead
AAE Max Stealth 4 Vane
QAD cable rest
Nockturnal X nocks

Works :
+I have a Stan thumb release that I shoot well
+building my arrows from shafts
+sight with a light
+dedicated practice arrows, broadheads, nocks all same as hunting set-up
+hunt and practice with full quiver. Quiver removed as needed for hunting out of tree

Has not worked for me/ not interested:
- 31'' draw length, way too short even with longer d-loop
-5 (or more) fixed pin sights, too much clutter
-a non-removable quiver
-Garmin/Burris type electronic sights


Apr 19, 2020
I have the perfect setup for you. Its not for sale though.

Prime Black 9 (80lbs) goes to 33" draw
Tightspot quiver
Black Gold 3 pin slider (agreed that 5 is too busy) My pins are at 30/40/50 which gets me from 0-60yards without touching it.


Mar 4, 2012
Long draw length limits you; popular long draw bows I see are the Mathews atlas and the hoyt highline; can just be hard to find one in stock. My local dealer has an atlas marked down, it’s been on the shelf for a couple years now.

Lots of good sight options these days with less than 5 pins and adjustability. I’m looking really seriously at trying a new spot Hogg Boonie triple stack or the HHA ryz x3

Edited to add: if you go with a hoyt or Mathews I like their own quivers way more than I like tightspots
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Mar 1, 2024
In a perfect world you could find a Mathews Atlas and a Hoyt Highline and shoot them both to see what you'd prefer. No reason to get away from the Max Stealth vanes, but I do like the Hybrid 26's (no priming required).

I recently purchased some Mad Goat strings (Gillingham's outfit) and don't have a single complaint. GAS has treated me pretty well in the past also.

Tight Spot is probably the way to go quiver-wise. I go back and forth between Axcel and Spot Hogg sights. MBG are great as well.

OR Archer

Feb 29, 2012
Just something to consider if you are pulling 33” and want to shoot 80# on some models you are going to have a harder time getting an arrow that’ll tune well. Your options in shafts, just like bows, will be limited. I’d personally suggest staying with a 70# bow for that reason.
Sep 28, 2018
I fall into the "long draw" category. But take my opinion FWIW.

3 Pin slider. I went from a 5 pin to a 2 pin. I would probably prefer a 3 pin slider 20/30/40. With a double indicator your middle and bottom pin will continue to be accurate at distance. I primarily hunt WT deer so i don't generally need to use the slide.

I am a 31" draw and have 80# limbs on my bow and the more I shoot the more I feel like I kinda don't need them. I almost feel like I could go with 65# limbs, shoot a slightly lighter arrow, have the same speed, and be just as deadly. My next bow in 10 years will probably be a 60# max bow. But its all personal preference, but as I look at spine chart, I'm borderline weak spined with 250 spine arrows. Long draw means heavy arrows, no getting around it. I may change my tune as I put more animals on the ground,
May 28, 2013
Littleton, CO
@im25feetup I do not know your budget but this is what i would do.

PSE Shootdown Pro with E2 cam 29.5"-33.5" and they can be ordered with your choice of 60/70/80 max limbs.

Hamskea Hybrid Hunter

Spot Hogg Boonie with triple stack head with picatinny attachment since the PSE has picatinny sight mount on the bow

Tight Spot

This is personal preference but I run a front and back bar on my hunting bow.

I don't know if I'd really change from your BE Rampage arrow setup other than I don't really think you need the .150 spine.

I would say Victory RIP TKO Elite .200 spine. Throw the stock insert and nocks in the trash and buy Iron Will HIT inserts and Bohning A nocks. 125gr tips and fletching of your choosing. The only problem with this suggestion is that those shafts are 31" from factory. This is not an issue for me as my arrows are 2" shorter than my draw length but you might not be cool with that.


Nov 22, 2013
I have a 34 inch draw length and shoot the Hoyt Highline. I recently sold a PSE Shootdown Pro that was a great shooting rig. It was a little short for me at 33.5. I really love the Highline and decided I didn’t want to build custom strings to squeeze a little extra draw length out of the Shootdown Pro.

I would definitely look at both of those bows. String angle on them is really good and they both hold and shoot well.

There are quite a few bows you could potentially fit into from the last 3 or 4 years. It just depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go in regards to seeking them out and buying/trying those options out.

Once you find something you like my suggestion is to put an overdraw on it. You will have a lot more options arrow and component wise with a 29.5 or 30 inch arrow.

Like someone else mentioned don’t overlook the quiver options from the bow companies. I used Tightspots for over 10 years but now have switched to Hoyt’s 2 piece model and love it.

Endless options it seems when it comes to good sights. Pick one and see how it goes for you. If you don’t shoot one well or struggle for some reason with it don’t be afraid to try a different style.

Good luck and feel free to PM if you have any questions.

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May 8, 2019
I upgraded to a mathews v3x season before last. I really like the fixed quiver that is tight against the bow. I don't need a sidebar it's so balanced.
3 pin black gold ascent slider is nice if 5 pin is too much.


Jan 14, 2024
Been shooting a Bowtech Revolt XL for a bit. Very nice bow and only a tick slower due to the compromised cam. Holds well for me and I’m a 32” draw. Good luck! I just did the same thing that you are and have loved the experience.