Percheron for hunting/ mountain trail riding?


Apr 27, 2012
Oh that’s a put together buckskin in the picture, but the black looks nice also.
I'm pretty dang fond of him! As a 4 year old this year he is my go to rider every hunt and continues to impress me every ride for his age in the mountains. Griz, wolves, dead elk etc, he's not bothered by much. Really started to build muscle this year in his front end and at just over 15 hands he's about the perfect mountain horse... the black is a been there done that horse little under 16 hands, he's good, but I'll probably send him off to different pasture next year and pick up a couple younger horses

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Jun 6, 2012
I don't know enough about horses to provide any insight on what is or isn't a good trail/pack horse. I've ridden in the mountains with some friends a few times but wouldn't attempt it on my own. I now know why you can be wandering in the wilderness, miles from nowhere, and find a spatula or some odd camp tool laying in the oddest of places. It was likely on a horse's back at some point before all hell broke loose and the rodeo started.

I occasionally check on a buddy's two Percheron and a quarter horse (I think it's a quarter) when he's out of town. They dwarf the other horse. They are incredible animals and very well mannered. He uses them to pull logs off the mountain for his sawmill. He had an older one before these two that he'd had for years. It took him awhile to get over the loss of that guy but he finally bought two more from somewhere in the Midwest. I really like visiting with them.

However, I can't imagine climbing on and off the things or loading them. It looks like a trail ride would be terribly uncomfortable. I wouldn't care for tight winding trails either. It seems like you'd need more feed available for them too.


Jul 15, 2020
The Collingwood Bros who had the Spatsizi Wilderness concession in NW BC ran Belgian Percheron Cross. Reggie Collingwood is one of the best guide/outfitters I have ever hunted with. Reggie is one of the toughest guys I have been around. Reggie is not a big guy but he loved his team of Percheron’s. His team were very well trained, gentle, smooth riding and some of the most stable mountain horses I have been around. Those Percheron's were like tanks plowing through the bogs and muskeg.Its been a while but it seems like we loaded a entire quartered bull moose on one horse.