MSR Bladder with Camelbak Hose


Mar 20, 2012
I just picked up a MSR Dromedary bladder and it's the best I have ever used hands down. However, the hydration hose on it sucks. It is short, the tube in uninsulated, the mouth piece and shut off valve are terrible and I can not use my Katadyn quick connect to pump directly into the bladder.

I tried attaching the better Camelbak Military version hose to the MSR bladder, but it is impossible to connect and thread the hose secure to the ports.

Has anyone done this modification? Should I just stick to my 3L Cambelbak as my pack bladder and use the MSR for camp? Any ideas?

Matt W.

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Mar 2, 2012
Puerto Rico
I use the dromedary lite 4L Bag. What I did was buy the MSR tube kit, pulled the mouthpiece off, threaded the camelbak insulation over the tube and used the camelbak bite valve. Works great and I have not experienced any leaks. However other have warned me that the MSR Dromedary connection could leak easier than a Platypus or Camelbak set up. I am debating turning my 4L DromLite into my extra water bag and going with a 3L Platypus for the pack... I'm heading up river today, but can post pics when I get back in a few days.