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Feb 25, 2012
PeEll, WA
Getting ready to put in for the Big Game Combo and I have some questions.

If I buy the point does it get applied for this year? Do people have them from last year? I know that they started it in July of last year(but I know they were under subscribed so technically no one should have one). Will the $50 point even be needed?

The only reason I ask is that we have a trip planned in the Bob Marshall and I am wanting to make sure we get drawn.

Here is what the Montana Regs State:
Preference Points increase the likelihood of
obtaining a combination license.
 Preference points essentially move you ahead in line.
 For instance, a person with three preference points is in
front of the person with two, and so on.
 Beginning this year, 75 percent of all combination licenses
awarded via the drawing will be issued to
hunters with preference points.
 All preference points accumulate over time until you
obtain a combination license.
 If you wish to participate in the Preference Point program
for your combination license, make sure to check “YES”
on the Preference Point question and include the $50
Preference Point fee.
 Preference points are lost if they are not used for two
consecutive years.
Feb 26, 2012
Western Montana
If you decide to buy a point for this year the point will not be applied to the 2012 draw. You will only get a point if unsuccessful in the draw. Last year everyone that applied was successful in the draw. Anyone who was unsuccessful in the draw in 2010 and then did not apply in 2011 would have a point going into 2012.

If I was you I would save the $50 and not apply for the point. Even if you were unsuccessful in the 2012 draw there will be a lot of tags turned back in. This is due to people not drawing the special hunts they applied for.

Hope this helps


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Feb 24, 2012
Liberty Lake, WA
To tag on to what Robert advised. I have received my combination tag through the alternate drawing process 2 times prior should you not be successful. How that works is. Come early May the FWP compiles a list for several weeks for those that want to be put into a supplemental drawing. A few weeks later this further drawing is completed and everyone is assigned a #. Come August they start sending out letters to individuals on this supplement list saying you can now buy the license and tag, first come first serve. The letter goes out according to your rank/number assigned to lets say the 1st 150 individuals. 2-3 weeks later this process is again completed for the next 100 or so individuals until they sell out the remaining returned license and tags. One year several of us in our party were given numbers close to 1000 and we still were able to get a tag and license. If last year was any indication we should all get a tag and license, as when the results came out for the intial drawing last year there were 1500 tags left, which were then sold first come first serve within a few weeks according to the FWP. GL on getting your combination license!