Matthews Helim & Hoyt Carbon Element RKT


Jan 30, 2012
Mohnton, PA
Hey Guys, I am currently shooting the Matthews Hyperlight for the last three years. I decided to head over to my Bow shop hear in PA to demo the Matthews Helim and possible buy a new Bow. I will start by saying I have NO favoritism towards any manufacture, I just look for the specs I like and the feel and the overall look of the bow. I predominately have shoot Hoyt, Matthews and Bowtech over the last 15 or so years. I can say for the most part I liked every one I owned some more than others. I was ready head to the indoor range there at my Bow Shop when my guy Scott said hey, just try this Hoyt as well and tell me what you think. I am a 26.5 Draw and he had @ 27" Matthews Helim ready and a 27.5 Hoyt Element Demo bow there ready for me to shot. I used my arrows and release. I first shot the Helim and was impressed with the quickness, smooth draw and how light is was. Shot about 10 arrows. I then shot the Hoyt Element and was blown away. The feel of the rubberized grip and overall feel and weight/balance was nice right off the bat and what I really liked was NO hand/shock vibration what so ever and it was SUPER smooth to draw. This to me is very important a crunch time pulling 72lbs. I shot the Hoyt at 65lbs and I firmly believe I could have shot it at 80lb no problem. That is how easy the draw back was! The Matthews Helim was set at 70lbs. I was so impressed with the Hoyt I ordered one on the spot. All black with the Fuse red and black string. I am thinking about trying the rest he had on it that ties to the Upper Limb not the cable which is called a VaporTrail Pro V Capture Rest. I would use the Fuse 8.5' Black Carbon Blade. Not sure on the quiver yet. I will say I am NOT happy about spending $1300 for the bow and probably another $400 in misc items on the bow by any means. But in the HighCountry I want a bow in my hand that is going to give me personally the most confidence to kill the Grayghost! If I hadn't shot the Hoyt I feel pretty sure I would have purchased the Matthews as it is a great bow as well. I will be honest I wasn't crazy about the look of the Hoyt Carbon Matrix when it came out last year and it 35" axle to axle. The Hoyt Element RKT is 32" Axle to Axle and to me it looks more compact and a lot cooler looking! To each his own!!! I look forward to getting it in three weeks. Just thought I would give you guys so feedback on what I felt when I shot these two bows tonight.

Ryan Avery

Staff member
Jan 5, 2012

That just goes to show you have to shoot the bows yourself. I went into a local archery shop and had no real Idea's of which bow I wanted. I have never owned a Mathews or a Hoyt. I shot the Carbon Element RKT and the Matthews Helim. I shot the Mathews first and I liked it, but I did not like the wood grip. Next I shot the Hoyt. I loved the draw cycle but I thought it had a lot of vibration. Next I shot the mathews with the focus grip, what a difference, I think I will be hunting with a Mathews this year!
Jan 28, 2012
Salt Lake City
I have been shooting the Carbon bows from Hoyt since they came out in 2010 and have never felt more confident with any bow I have shot. Be it Mathews, BowTech, Elite, PSE, Strothers or Hoyt. Light, smooth, comfortable speed, and they shoot better than they should for the weight. I am on my third one now and can't wait to see what this one will put on the ground this year!

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the focus grip is great / try one on your mathews it is like shooting a new bow