Going from Kifaru to Seek Outside



Well Known Rokslider
Sep 3, 2014
Southern MO Ozarks
I received my large hipbelt, and did some hiking around my 10 acres this afternoon with about 85 lbs in this pack. It's obvious to me that the previous hipbelt was too short, as I feel I was able to get Kifaru level comfort out of the new system. After trying both ways, uncaptured belt with the lumbar pad is a clear winner. I will probably use the belt captured with light loads, as it keeps everything tighter when you set the pack down, and uncapture when loaded heavy.

This also let's me carry heavy with 2" extensions as opposed to the 4" I was needing to use.

The new belt has their forward pull system, which works much better than the 4-1 buckle on the old one.

The new belt is firmer as well, which ups the comfort considerably. And it gives me more webbing for attachments!