Franken Bows????

May 6, 2012
Well had this idea. I absolutely love the riser on my bow and the over all feel. But love the draw on the elite bows.
Thinking about swapping the cams over. I have all the tool and access to all the parts. I know this type of stuff is getting popular but has anyone messed with there bow to this magnitude?


Feb 25, 2012
Abq NM
My Franken bow was a nightmare! LOL Pearson Z34 single cam

I have since switched to a D350 and love it but I still have my Pearson Z34.

I switched from single cams to binary and started shooting, it was sweet then the limb broke I sent the bow to Pearson and had brand new better than stock limbs put on that were not necessarily for the Z34 but they said they were the same and would work. I got the bow back and couldn't get the darn thing to shoot right at all, I questioned the string and cable length and specs I got conflicting dimensions from 2 different people at Pearson, they finally quit responding. I have been messing with it recently and have got it shooting somewhat good I am going to use it for turkey and carp when I finish tuning it. The problem I will have is I do not have factory specs anymore and am on my own, I will never make another Franken bow again and I will never own a Pearson bow as well, I would have never done it if they didn't say it was fine and would work, they left me hanging.