ElkNut Original App is now Free To All.


Jan 3, 2022
For those wanting to look into the Original Version of the ElkNut Mobile App it is now available at no cost. Lots of great tried & true info there including the Recording feature where you can call into your phone as you practice & listen to it & compare to real elk or myself, this will help you to polish up your calling & gain the confidence needed when in real life elk encounters. Here's how to start!

For those who had the App & wish to get it back here's what to do! To retrieve the Original App go to your Original App by going to your ElkNut Icon & Delete or Uninstall it on your Iphone or Android, not at your store!

For those First Timers who want to see this App freely; start on the next paragraph.

Once done, go to your Apple Store or Google Play store to your Search function & type in ElkNut App, Reinstall/Install/Get' it, whichever your phone shows. You will be asked to create a new account since everything has changed. You will click the Sign Up link NOT the Sign In one. You will give a Username (email address) & a Password of your choice & follow the simple instructions from there to receive your Original version of the ElkNut App. Of course it's Free!

Once in the App you will see that the word Pro in red is on the Tactics & Sequence pages. You will not have access to them without a subscription. (14.95 for 12 full months) There are 24 new video clips sharing all Tactics, Sequences. Also, every Podcast I've given is now on this New Pro Version. 50 photos of elk we've taken over the years. This App can now be installed on all your devices at the same time at no extra costs. You can subscribe to the Pro Version at any time if you'd like right from your present original App. The Pro Version includes the entire Original App as well.

Thanks man! I was happy with the original app, then it changed on my update. Appreciate you and the information you share.


Nov 28, 2015
I've had the original version since it first came out and always loved it. But I just upgraded to the Pro version and it's well worth the small cost.
Lots more content and detail and the best money you will ever spend on elk hunting!