Cheap Tarp


Dec 18, 2012
Wentzville, MO & Port Charlotte, FL
Anyone able to recommend a small/lightweight/inexpensive tarp? Not looking for anything big 5x5, 6x6 7x7 or something around that size, and waterproof of course. Everything I'm finding online is pretty big size and usually $75+, was hoping for find something for $20-$30 if anyone has any ideas. thx


Jan 13, 2013
NW Connecticut
In order to help you a little better; What is your desired use of this tarp?

What you are asking for is small, light weight, and cheap; typically, especially in regards to decent tarps the words lightweight and cheap only go together with crap products. A decent tarp is worth the money, and you are correct a good quality tarp is going to run you easily 50+ and more likely as you noticed 75+. But this also depends what your intended use is. You linked the all weather space blanket from REI, which leads me to believe you are looking for a ground cloth type of item. Because, that item is in NO WAY designed to take serious stress on the gromets, such as wind, gusts, snow load etc. I can gurantee you they would rip out in any decent wind gust. It is designed primarily to be used as a ground cloth type of item.

Are you looking for any particular type of material? IMO the best cheap tarp, though not super light weight is the Kelty Noah series, the smaller sizes seem hard to find for some reason buy they make a 7x7, 9x9, 12x12, and 16x16. the smaller ones can be had for around 50$ typically, and sometimes less if on sale. If you truely want a light weight, good quality, and durable tarp you want a silnylon , spinnaker, or cuben fiber tarp. Of those silnylon will be the cheapest, and materials alone will far exceed your price range of $20-30, you could probably make one yourself in the size you want for around $40-50$ probably. There comes a point where the price shoots way up to over $100 when you go past 6ft wide because you then need double the amount of fabric.

So answer these questions so we can best help you: What are your intended uses for this tarp, and do you want it in a specific material type?

If you really want something cheap and very basic, though by no means lightweight, i am a +1 for just using a surplus mil poncho.