Black Ovis Hailstone 2.0 jacket/pant review


Feb 23, 2021
I pulled the trigger on a set of the Black Ovis Hailstone 2.0 rain gear and have had some time to use them so figured I would drop a review as there isn’t much stuff out there about them

I bought both the pants and jacket sz Large in the Sandbar which is a mid brown color. For reference I am 6’2” and usually around 195lbs with athletic build. I debated on sizing up to XL based on some of the sizing reviews on previous versions. The 2.0 apparently has a little more relaxed fit so decide to just go with L and see how it fit.

Initially out of the box I was impressed by the quality. I have not owned other lightweight rain gear so no frame of reference but they didnt seem overly heavy or thin. The fabric is soft and it was definitely quieter than I expected. It is much quieter than the Sitka Dakota Hoody with Gore Windstopper I own. The bottom has full length leg zips for venting or putting on over layers and the jacket has a triple zipper from pits down to the lower hem with mesh inside that acts as a pocket. There is also a chest pocket with mess big enough for a large cellphone. The belt for the pants has a plastic buckle to keep things quiet but is sturdy so I think will hold up well.

Tested out over some layers to get an idea on fit. The bottoms I put on over pnuma pursuit pants and also tried my Predator Stealth Micro-fleece pants which are later season pants. They both fit with no problem. Would be fine with a heavy merino or fleece layer under both. Not too tight but not baggy. The top I tried with a Traverse Coldweather hoody and then a thick Predator Ambush vest with Cabelas Outfitter Berber Pullover. Fit fine as well. Not sure another layer would fit over the traverse hoody and not feel kind of tight in the arms. The chest would have room just not the arms. I don’t have puffer jacket or pant so I am only guessing on fit for those but I think would have room. If I wanted to have them over my late season Ambush jacket and bibs which are thick and a little oversized on me, I would prob need an XL.

Performance in rain was tested on a Canadian fishing trip. The first 2 days it rained continuously and was 40s to 50s, so I was in them all day. They kept me dry with no problem at all. The fabric did wet out in spots occasionally and I was worried about being wet inside but that was not the case. Wind resistance was very good when cruising across the lake at 25mph. Overall they kept me dry, cut the wind, and I didn’t overheat when increasing activity

I think these will work well for me bowhunting in the fall. The fabric is quiet enough I will have no problem wearing them while bowhunting. Jacket is cut in a way the arms/chest won’t hinder the bowstring. Obviously they do have a little sound to the fabric but in the rain it won’t be noticeable and they would come off when it stops. They seem durable enough to walk through some brush with them…..maybe not a clearcut with a bunch of brambles. Overall they seem a great value for the performance I got from them. Hopefully will be able to update after some use this fall.

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