Zulu6 12x vs 16x

Jan 23, 2014
John Day, OR
Currently running a set of Meopta meostar 10x42’s. No complaints, but the notion of a image stabilized bino has me intrigued.

For those of you that had some time behind the Zulu’s, would the 16x be useable as an all around bino? I know the FOV is going to suffer, but would they work for a wide variety of hunting scenarios? I hunt mule deer, elk, bear, and moose primarily. Moose hunting in AK we do glass longer distances, but also glass relatively close thick brush as well. When not hunting moose I generally hunt out west (OR, ID, MT). I like the idea of image stabilization as I often hike a ridge, glass for a bit, then move on if I don’t see anything in an hour or so. I think it might save me from setting up a tripod and be a little more mobile.

I’m not planning on keeping the meoptas if I get the Zulu’s and like them. Would you feel the 16x could work as a do-all bino or maybe drop to the 12’s? Anybody ever have issues with the Zulu’s? I tend to prefer the KISS approach and adding electronics to my binos does give me a bit of worry something could go wrong.


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