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  • Hey there! any used options available on swarovski 10x42 el or slc? demo or used.. Im thinking about getting into a pair if the price was right. thanks!
    Thanks for the heads up on the promaster tripod, I called in and got the price, tha ke for supporting the forum, I may be picking this up. I had the 88 Iowa and now will have the 77. I will eventually be running the 12x50 el off the tripod so I want something that can do all or most
    Doug. Can any deal be had if I bought Swaro 12x50 els and the kowa tsn 553 at the same time? Maybe a deal on a nice Tripod?
    Will call in a bit, looking to get an Athlon Ares spotting scope. Would like to start a layaway on one, the mid size..
    Thanks Doug!

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