Yank er hard cinch it up and go

Mar 4, 2012
Western Colorado
Pulled out my "OLD" David Long book and flipped through it looking at photos and things that caught my eye. I originally purchased the book when both he and I were young men and have since upgraded to the Kifaru Longhunter backpack.
He has a pretty detailed step by step process about "strapping yourself" in. Going to have to get my bag out of the closet and see if it makes a difference to me, now that I have a backpack that doesn't have designs sewn onto it. 8^)
HOW about you, do you have a process that you follow or just grab a strap here and another over there and go??


Feb 26, 2012
Colorado Springs,CO
I have tried many methods, usually I'll throw it on and cinch up the shoulder straps to get it up into the right position, then waist belt, then sternum strap, then load lifters and somewhere in there I'll let a little out of the shoulder straps, then the torso straps get tightened to pull the load in. After a few minutes walking retighten the waist belt until I feel like I'm going to puke.....that usually works out good in the end.
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