wyoming unit 7 hunt


May 5, 2012
New London WI
Well it was a long 2 weeks and hunted 2 different areas and styles so to speak. We arrived in Douglas and I talked with a friend from the area who turned us on to a private ranch where the landowner was willing to lee us hunt his property. He was having problems with the elk eating his hay. Well we tried it for a couple of days with no luck, as the elk were always gone well before light. We then moved to the southern end of the Laramie mountain q range and set up camp in a popular area. We found tons of sign, but most of which was fairly old. I passed on a spike our 1 st night there. We continued on in the same area for 2 days with no results, so we packed back in farther away from everyone else. The next morning my partner scored on a nice 5x5, and we spent the rest of the day peaking it out and getting it to a processer for cold storage. Talked to a few of the others back at the main camp area and headed back up feeling pretty good on my chances, but as it turns out a few others got wind of the area and proceeded to literally walk every inch of the mountain and effectively chasing everything out. We did manage to find some more elk and had a bull within 40 yds that decided he didn't like how i smelled after the wind swirled. I can't say that I
blame him, since i wasn't to fond of how i smelled either. I had a few more encounters with lots of elk bugling but nothing would come close enough. It was a frustrating but fun first archery elk trip and can't wait to do it again.