Wyoming Bull Down!


Jul 11, 2013
Sweet. I just got back from 8 days in WY. Had a bunch of close calls just could seal the deal. Bulls just would not come to the call when I was there and supposedly fired up a few days after I left. I was in a General area on a Type 9 tag and got out before the barrage of hunters on the 15th
Hmmm, sounds familiar from last week. I bet we were close.


Jul 19, 2021
My nephew killed his first ever bull elk and big game animal with his bow in Wyoming a few days ago. It was one of the most epic days of elk hunting we have ever experienced! We were in a rut fest of bulls and non-stop bugling from the minute we dove into the canyon until well after dark.

We kept the wind right and skirted the herd and I held back calling while my brother and nephew stayed close to the nearest bull. Within all the craziness of the day, we had 4 different opportunities at 320+ bulls, but a good shot never materialized. Around 5:00pm, I got separated from my brother and nephew while they were in tight on several raspy sounding bulls. They moved towards one specific bull and finally caught a glimpse of him in the pines as he walked towards them and came to about 35 yards. As my nephew drew back his bow, the bull caught movement and took off. My brother hit the cow call hard and the bull stopped at about 50 yards and my nephew released the arrow. Hit him back angling forward into the offside shoulder and he only made it about 100 yards.
What a great first bull for my nephew-a bull and a hunting day he may never top again in his life, but I am hoping he does!!👍🏻😉View attachment 454419
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Nice work guys!
Feb 24, 2016
Great bull!

I never understood why people carry the horns with the points up though. I would hang that bitch on every limb within 20 feet of me. lol