What's in Your Pack


Jun 13, 2012
The weight thread got me thinking on this one. How to shave more ounces.

Post your pack list and total weight. Everything you take for say a 5 day archery elk hunt, September in Colorado.

I was just going to post for a generic list, but I know it will change according to each hunt.

Weights are optional.

If you post something like-kill kit. Say what is in it.

I learn alot from these type of posts and know some newbys will learn a tremendous amount from these as well.


Feb 24, 2012
That is a long list, do a quick search we had this same discussion back around May or June and there are some good reference lists. Not saying that people shouldn't post up just saying there are some good ref threads.
Feb 24, 2012
Rochester Hills, MI
Pack: Kifaru DT1
Tent: Kifaru Paratipi
Sleeping Bag: Montbell UL Super spiral hugger #3
Sleeping Pad: Klymit Static V Thermarest Zlite foam (I take both) with tyvek ground sheet
Kill Kit: Caribou Carnivore 2, Havalon Piranta Torch, 2 Kifaru Meat Baggies, 50 ft Orange Paracord, 6 Zip ties, 1 3mil Garbage bag, and 1 pair latex gloves
First Aid/Emergency kit: Duct Tape, Moleskin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Quik clot, Surgical glue, Spot2, Vaseline Cotton balls, Bic Lighter, SOG Multi tool, Emergency Whistle,2 4x4 Gauze, 1 Pair latex gloves, 4 extra lithium batteries, 4 neosporin packets and Aquamira water drops.
Hygiene kit: MSR Camp towel, contacts, case with fluid already in it, toothbrush, toothpaste, TP half roll, Deodorant, gold bond, and dehydrated sea to summit soap.
Optics: Vortex HD Razors 10x42, Vortex Ranger 1000
Calls: 5 Different mouth reeds with Elknut Bugle
Stove: Primus ETA express
Trekking poles: Black Diamond flick lock trail shock
Clothes: Kuiu merino tops, attack pants, Chugach jacket (I'll buy this summer), spindrift, and kuiu gaiters
Boots: Saloman Quest 4D's
1 Nalgene bottle
Five Fingers camp shoes
Food: Assorted energy snacks, trail mix, jerky, meals are MTN house/Backpackers pantry/home dehydrated/Idahoan potatoes/Spam/Tuna packets/Tortillas basically whatever I throw in there.

Sometimes I carry a MSR Drom 10L, depends on where I'm hunting that I'll fill up and leave at camp. I also sometimes carry a MSR miniworks waterfilter. Again, depends on where I'm hunting.


Feb 25, 2012
N.E Oregon
I'll attach a link to my 10 day elk, September, pack list. There ends up being about 54 lbs with 3L water and my bow on the pack.
I don't normally have my bow on my pack but hiked in the first 5 miles in the dark so I couldn't see much reason not to lash it on.
There are a couple things on this list I know won't be in my pack next year!!

The list you'll see is in grams, you can change that by clicking on the weight icon.