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robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Hey Roksliders, we are excited to announce a new edition to our regular staff at Rokslide. We’ve been working on this position for a few months now and it’s finally time to announce our first ever Senior Editor: Darin Cooper.

Some of you already know he is one of the leading technical archery writers in the industry. His articles teach and entertain. For those of you who don’t know Darin, you’re in for a real treat. We promise that you’ll be a better archer if you’ll consider his advice and techniques.

Darin will be heading up our Editing Department. Not only will his articles appear on Rokslide throughout the year, he will be soliciting, editing, and publishing articles from our members and other writers from the industry, continuing Rokslide's mission to make anyone a better hunter.

Darin has been on the Prostaff since Rokslide’s inception and you may have followed some his excellent advice on the The Mule Deer Project when he was consulting with Cindy Wamsley, as well as his participation in the forums.

I spent some time with Darin this week getting to know him better. I thought I’d share some of our conversation with you all.

Robby: “Darin, you could write for about any mag or website out there, why have you decided to put you efforts into Rokslide?”

Darin: “I jumped on board with Rokslide because I felt there was a niche missing on-line for a hard core hunting site with a world-class support staff.”

R: “So you’ve been with us since the beginning working on the Prostaff. What do you see happening now that we are approaching our first year?”

D: “The community that meets here daily is a really special group. It's a relaxed environment that's a lot more civil than almost every other forum based site I've spent time on. Everybody here is concerned with positive results and progress instead of pumping up their own egos.”

R: “You’ve written for some top hard-copy publications over the years. What are your feelings about publishing on the web?”

D: “For me, online publishing gives me more freedom to write as much as needed to thoroughly cover complex subjects - No longer am I limited by page restrictions and I can post as many images as needed to help illustrate concepts. The ability to discuss topics or my articles in the forums is much more gratifying than writing in magazines because I can interact with individuals in real-time and respond to feedback and questions instantly. As our members post questions we can discuss things in an open format and come up with solutions that all participants can relate to and learn from. It's also great because I learn a ton from staff and expert community members that know way more about their specialties than I do.”

R: “Good to have you Darin and I think I speak for all of us in welcoming you on.”

D: “Thanks to the Rokslide staff and the Rokslide community for giving me this opportunity. All in all, Rokslide just feels like home. I'm looking forward to helping us grow and maintain our trajectory as we collectively build this site into one of the most respected places for serious outdoorsmen on the web. “

Check out Darin’s complete bio at:


Best yet, here is Darin’s latest article, exclusive to Rokslide members of course:

The Trick-Pin System – Quit Your Range-Finder Habit

If there are any questions on the article, please post them on the archery forum announcment at this link:
and Darin will get them answered.
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