Trad lesson at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear


Oct 27, 2015
The wife and I just got back from a vacation in CO. Did the touristy stuff, Estes Park and RMNP for a week. Lots of hiking, wildlife viewing, etc. Had a good time as always. We decided to tack on a couple extra days to our trip and stay in the Denver area. I took the opportunity to do some cool stuff, the coolest of which was getting an archery lesson from Tom Clum Sr. at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear. I heard about RMS Gear from Aron Snyder on a Gritty Bowmen episode. He sounded like a nice guy and after hearing Tom on some podcasts, I decided to buck up and let him show my newbie ass all the things I didn't know. Or as much as he could in the limited time we had!

Imagine someone with almost zero experience in your area of expertise showing up from 700 miles away and you having one lesson to get them pointed in the right direction and start fixing their pre-existing issues; well that's exactly what Tom did for me, going far above and beyond. I was pretty intimidated to be honest, but Tom is a super humble guy and a very good coach. Some people can teach and some can't; Tom can teach!

My form was pretty whack. Tom fixed it and grew my draw length by almost 3". I just wasn't comprehending back-tension, getting full expansion on the draw and several other things. He walked me through all of this stuff...repeatedly. :D

I appreciate all the time he and the RMS Gear crew spent with me in such a narrow time frame. Tom's son Dan helped me select and tune some new arrows and got them flying like lasers. I can't thank or recommend RMSG highly enough. I'm excited to start working on my form, shot sequence, etc. Tom asked what my goal was with traditional archery and I said "To be the most effective and ethical traditional bowhunter I can be", however long that takes before I feel like I'm ready.

PS - Shout-out to my wife who spent her afternoon and evening going to Kifaru with me, then sitting through my lesson with Tom. I won't say how long it lasted, but Tom should charge more for lessons. :D He's definitely in this to spread traditional archery as far as he can, not to retire early.

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Nov 9, 2014
Cool. Love to visit that place sometime.

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Sep 10, 2013
Always had a good experience with their shop when I was in CO. One of the best used bow selections you can actually put your hands on.

If you follow their "social media", they get it done in the field as well.