The "skinny" on pack size

Dec 1, 2012
I've been reading this site for days--trying to read every thread that mentions the packs I'm interested in. I've also exchanged PMs with several members here and they have been a great help. In my research of the forum, I see a consistent theme in the posts where many experienced packers advocate using a larger pack than you might think you'll need. It's still tough to narrow things down though. I know for sure that I need a duplex frame for hauling as I trap in the backcountry and/or beaver swamps too. What's more, my two boys are budding hunters and I may have to pack some of their stuff until they get a bit older (or maybe they'll carry it for me, LOL). I also know that more than 2 nights out will probably be rare.

With these things in mind, I've had several recommend the Longhunter (b/c it doesn't have the outside pockets) as well as the DT line (convenience of pockets in day mode). If I choose the longhunter, I think I'll have more fabric than I need most of the time but Justin Davis has shown me pictures of how nicely it compresses. I'm not really crazy about a lot of additional bags hanging from the back and sides if extra room is needed (really, all I want is a small and medium pouch nearby for my tab, armguard, pruners, and hand saw). With these things in mind, I'm leaning toward the DT2 or Longhunter.

I really see this as an investment in a product that I intend to keep for a number of years. Any additional thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome.


Jun 12, 2012
Piedmont, SD
It is kind of like buying a trailer. You will never ever regret buying one that is bigger than you need. You will forever be pissed off if you buy a smaller one and at some point need one bigger.
Feb 26, 2012
Some wilderness area, somewhere
I think it all comes down to how you think you will use the pack.
A lot of folks are staying out a bit longer, and trying to carry meat and gear back at the same time. Also the Timberline series tends to barrel a bit if you over stuff it, so now what worked for a 5 day trip might not work as well for a 7 day trip (for instance only).

The Duplex would take care of the barreling problem, but you can still only stretch material so far to include extra stuff.
Personally, I carry the T1 for most everything. The rest of my packing duties falls to either the KU5200 or KU3700, technically though I could do it all with just one pack.