Supplies for my new "Elk Box"


Mar 19, 2012
Brand new to this site and I love it. We are planning a OTC, 5 day drop camp hunt to unit 74 or 75, 2nd or 3rd rifle hunt for 2013. Some of the guys are talking about going somewhere where 4 wheelers are allowed, they do'nt like to walk, I want to get away from people.
So, I want advice on what to start buying for my elk hunt. I have the Sasslong boots, which should be good and broken after hunting deer in Texas this year. I have decided on the Jetboil system, have a 7mm Remington (the best ammo) and various pieces of UA clothing.
Clothing is another, I hear alot about Merino wool. Considering the seasons I plan on going, (October November) and how weather can change in a heartbeat, what would be my best choices and where to buy? I am prone to always overpack, but has saved my bacon on several deer hunts. Not rich by no means, but am willing to not sacrifice when it comes to good equipment and for comfort. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Apr 13, 2012
If you can get on a team you may be able to get a good deal on first lite. I have just started adding better clothing to my gear and I plan on a shirt and pair of pants from them this year. I also used promotive to stock up on wigwam socks. I bought them for hiking and hunting but now its hard to wear cheap cotton even for everyday stuff. If you cant get promotive watch for sales at Sierra Trading post, camofire, steep and cheap etc. Be careful though once you start wearing good stuff you will want to replace all of your old stuff. I haven't worn my under armour since I realized there was stuff out there that kept me drier and didn't develop a strange funk after the first hour of hiking.