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  • Hey Larry,
    Any chance you would care to elaborate on this post under the timing of a caribou hunt thread?

    "it's grim. unless you have coin to drop on zero to 25% success, don't do it, IMO.

    maybe if you can wait until mid september long the haul rd, but no exciting news to offer. slim pickins fo sho."

    I'm booked with BRA for Aug 26th - Sep 2. I'm curious if you're referring to the timing of the the hunt, location, or both. This is my first hunt in that part of the state and if something is really in the tank up there it's tough to find out from the lower 48. I'm not dead set on hunting north of the Brooks. As a contingency plan I have been contacting transporters who work the 40 mile area. I'm sure you know, those folks are all booked or getting close by this time.

    I didn't want to overlook a red flag if you were throwing one up with that post.

    Thanks you!

    Mr. Bartlett,

    I would like to get information on how a guy would go about getting employed with your company. I am retiring from the army in about 18 months, depending on my leave situation and I am looking at my possibilities.

    I sincerely appreciate your assistance.

    Justin Spicher
    [email protected]
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