Successful first scouting trip!


Apr 13, 2012
My daughter has been begging to go hunting with me since she was 2 last year we did a little day trip that was more of a drive that got her out of the house than a hunt. This year I knew it wouldn't be so easy with her being a very grown up (in her mind) 4 year old. We compromised by agreeing to an overnight scouting trip. She got a new backpackers and purple sleeping bag and passed the back yard over night test with flying colors. The area I wanted to scout can be glassed with a short hike and last weekend was about our last chance without something else planned so we headed out.

She made the hike with only a few complaints mostly at about the last 1/4 mile mark so it was a non issue. It took about 3 times as long as it usually takes me due to a potty stop and numerous butterfly, bird, cow, flower and other sightings that I can't remember all of. We set up camp, did some glassing, snacked for dinner, did more glassing took some pictures, did more glassing and didn't see anything but beef cows. She wanted to go climb the little rock point above us 50 yards up the ridge so I went with her leaving my binoculars and camera behind. Once on top she discovered the next rocky point about another 75 yards up the ridge and wanted to "climb to the top of the mountain " with nothing else going on we walked over and started the 15 foot climb (angled walk) to the top. Just before we were on top something caught my eye. 75 yards down the saddle on the other side of the point was a 6 point bull watching us. I showed him to my daughter just as a smaller bull trotted up and they both took off. Of course I had no camera or glass. When we got back to the tent I looked for the bulls but only glassed up a black bear. That night she slept like a rock, I slept on a rock and just before sun up I was on the glass and had the 2 bulls found within minutes. Once there was enough light I tried the camera through the spotting scope trick and got a couple of pics that turned out well enough to keep. As best as I could tell the smaller bull is either a 5x5 or 5x6 with the 6 being fairly small. Hopefully I can get the pics to post.


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Mar 5, 2012
Central CA
Very cool... I have been wanting to take my God daughters (6and 9) on their first backpacking trip soon...


Jun 21, 2012
Nor Cal
Nice job Dad!

My girls are OK with the Car Camping, but when I wanna cover ground I don't even try to ask them.

I did get a kick out of how many miles they logged between Camp and the River last week in Tuolumne meadows. They probably could have hiked to a high lake if it was all in a straight line...

good to see all the kids getting out in the outdoors. I like to keep track of my N.U.T.S. (Nights Under The Stars) each year with the kids and see if I can increase them year to year.


Feb 25, 2012
My girl is 2 in September.... Can't wait till she can start to go with me on trips like that!