Slightly confused by the MR NICE overload pack

Jul 19, 2012
Great Falls, MT
it seems like they added 1000ci and nearly 2 POUNDS to the longbow!!!???

I am not quite sure if there is a big demand for a pack like that. yes, I would love to add 1000ci to my longbow, but I used a daypack lid to do that, saved a pound, and take it off when not needed?

I guess I am not quite sure why they are not listening to the consumer and making a NEW and BETTER product. I really like MR and wanted to stick with something that was made here in Montana, but when the DT3 is over 2.25 pounds lighter with composite stays, 1000 ci bigger, and the stays are long enough to give you lift.... for close to the same price, it is a NO BRAINER.

I would love to see a taller, lighter nice frame with a tri-zip design like the new pack around 3000-4000 ci that came in around 6.5-7 pounds.