Sheep Hunt in the Russian Far East


Oct 30, 2022
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The Ram I came to Russia for - a hard-won trophy

It was a very long shot and we’d misjudged the wind. But fortunately the elevation was correct and he was hit hard. The ram hadn’t gone far from where we’d last seen him. We found him quickly and were able to make the recovery.

Words cannot adequately describe all of the emotions felt as I first stood over this hard-won trophy. He was an absolutely gorgeous old warrior – a broomed, 13 year old, who was certainly the king of this mountain. This was the ram I came to Russia for, made all the more special by all we had to endure to make it all come together. The sweetest things in life, lasting friendships and triumphant memories, are often born from the greatest challenges. Some things are at their best when truly earned.
Just read this - great write-up…maybe someday….