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Jan 21, 2021
Looking to sell/trade my Seek outside Dyneema Carbon Fiber Silex. $385 TYD lower 48. Paypal friends and family, or add 3% GS. This is the ultra light model that retails for $479. Would also consider trade for a seek outside guardian with stove jack. Long story short, I got this from another member on here in excellent condition for an upcoming hunt. Then by complete happenstance, I basically was given a regular one brand new with the stove jack. There is nothing wrong with this, I just can't justify having 2 of the same style shelter. I am not looking to get rid of the one with the stove jack, as I have a few other shelters that run a stove and I like the redundancy. I have not used it, other than setting it up in the yard to familiarize myself with it. I'm looking for a guardian with the stove jack. Depending on what you have IE nest, stove, ect, we can work something out with cash on my end, or since the silex has way more resale value head to head vs just the guardian, we'd have to find a way to make it whole with a little cash on your end. I can provide pictures, measurements, ect as needed. Whole set up with stakes and stuff sack comes in at 17oz on my scale. Awesome set up, i just dont need 2. Includes upgraded MSR stakes and stuff sack. Thanks!


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