Ruger American Ranch 5.56 to KRG Bravo Chassis

The Guide

Aug 20, 2023
I have an original run from the first Ruger American Ranch rifles they did in 5.56 Nato. From the start, the stock has sucked. It is just too flexible but at the time, there was no real alternative. The famous 223 thread got me curious about seeing if my RAR would like the heavy bullets in 223. I bought some factory 73 ELDM ammo and found that the little 16" barrel was fond of them. With a 100 yard zero, I immediately took it out to 440 yards on steel and dialed the dope (with guessed velocity since I was 500 miles from my crono) and easily make impacts at waterline but from edge to edge on the 10" plate. The short (compact stock) and flexible stock was the only thing I could put my finger on as to why I was seeing the horizontal group dispersion at that distance with little wind. No matter how light you hold that stock with a bipod and rear bag from prone, it just felt wiggly.

I set off to Google search the interwebs for some place that sold a replacement stock or someone who had replaced the stock on that exact rifle (RAR compact in 5.56 NATO with the rotary stock) and could not find a for sure answer on if the replacement SA stocks for the Ruger American would work on my particular rifle since I remembered that when I first looked at getting a replacement stock ~10 years ago, there was something different about this rifle that wouldn't allow it to work correctly (maybe feeding issues with magazines that worked in replacement stocks). I could find all kinds of information on replacing stocks on the Ruger American and the Ruger American Predator but nothing on the Ruger American Ranch with the rotary mag. I priced out the stocks I could find and found almost all were the same general price by the time you added an AICS mag and made each of them "equal" to each other. KRG had a good price on the Bravo Chassis and it came with a front stud for a bipod and a small picatinny rail as part of the package. I also have a Ruger American Predator in 204 and one in 6CM so at the worst, I would be out the cost of a magazine. However, if I liked the stock I would just buy a Tikka in 223 and use magazine on that in the future. So into my cart went a Bravo, a 223 mag, and a 308 mag incase I had to put the stock on my 6CM (and so I could use the stock for both rifles if it worked on the Ranch).

Shipping from KRG was quick as everything was in stock. Ordered on Monday and received on Friday. Followed the instructions and removed the magazine release to allow for easier access to the rear action screw and also removed the front handguard to get better access to the front action screw. Torqued everything back up to what the instructions had listed and put some ammo in the 5 round AICS 223 magazine and test fed the action. It worked! No issues and fed as good or better than it did in the original factory configuration and it feels so much more stable. I have not had a chance to see how it shoots in the new stock since it was 95 and windy the last 2 days but as soon as I do, I'll update the post with some groups.

So in closing, if you are looking for a replacement stock for your Ruger American Ranch in 5.56 with the rotary mag, the KRG Bravo Chassis for the Ruger American will work for you.