Ramcat Broadheads


Aug 11, 2012
Delaware, Ohio
I'm using them this year on my injexions. Flight is outstanding, sharpness is amazing, duribility seems to be great.. my only complaint so far is that they don't fit in my fuse quiver. That said, the only thing I've shot with them is a coyote. Performance was great and I have no reason to believe they won't do the same on larger game given the proper set up.
Jan 28, 2012
Salt Lake City
I haven't used anything BUT a RAMCAT in the last three years on Big Game!!!! :) I have yet to shoot a fixed blade with as much accuracy and consistency as I have with them. Brett Fulton and his crew are building what is, IN MY OPINION, the best fixed blade on the market. I have shot antelope, whitetail, mule deer, turkey and a pheasant with them. I have ALWAYS gotten a pass through.


Here is my 2010 Kansas Mule Deer, you can read the whole story "MASS" by going to the homepage but LONG story short I did run 3 arrows through him (first two weren't RAMS) but the Ramcat was blasting through him at 56 yards.


My 2011 Colorado High Country buck "Notch" featured in EBY #73. BLEW THROUGH him at 84 yards!!! My entrance was smack in the center of the front shoulder. He was slightly 1/4ing to and I broke two ribs coming out. The only "damage" to the head...one blade tip was slightly curved....it could have been shot again w/o problem.


2012 CO Mule Deer. 32 yard shot...still haven't found the arrow!!!!

Last year I shot an average group size of just under 4" with it at 90 yds. This year I made a few slight changes in my equipment set-up and I am actually shooting even tighter groups with it. I have nothing at all bad to say about it. It is the ONLY fixed head for me personally. I could RAVE on and on about it and my customers would agree with me about that :) I know that we all have our own opinions and have things that have worked and that head is one for me.

I have shot an antelope with it through a mess screen at 54 yds and watched it pile up in 50 yards. The Best shots I have ever made from a ground blind. I have taken the head of a turkey off with them. I shot a ringneck pheasant with them at 42 yds with my buddy watching in disbelief at how well they flew. They are tough, durable, accurate and SHARP AS HELL...just ask my doctor!!!! :) Didn't know about that back edge at first when I got handed them and was told to shoot it! My two Colorado bucks COMBINED didn't travel 80 yds. I had a Doe in Kansas last year make it 8 yds. I have been nothing but impressed with them :)