Quiet'n your set-up

Mar 4, 2012
Western Colorado
Read a thread in the Trad Mag TBM about 8 mo ago concerning various string attachments to silence your bow. Guy really got into some detail on testing any all silencing devices. One of the better ones was Beaver/Muskrat fur....which i like. Been shooting my new bow for almost a year and just put the silencers on the string this past Sat..
On another site an individual with an engineering degree that used words like accoustic's etc stated that you divide your string length by 4 and that is where the top silencer goes and divide by 3 and that is where the lower silencer goes.
For what its worth my bow is shooting very quiet from what it was previously, enough I could not only hunt Deer Elk and Bear in the next few weeks, which I will, but wabbits too.