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Aron Snyder

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Jan 23, 2012
The Wilderness
We've had to ask several members to deactivate Hotlinks from their signature lines. This is only to keep things fair to our sponsors and we hope you understand. To be clear if you are not a sponsor you cannot sell products or services on this website.

If we see an active link to a commercial site(including Outfitters) on your signature or in a thread we will delete the post, so please deactivate them. We also ask you to become a sponsor before you sell commercially. We also don't allow Affiliate links.

We will also only allow so many outgoing video links to one location.

We do allow hotlinks to non-commercial sites but you must have a link back to us on the landing/main page.

Rokslide reserves the right to delete content and ban members that abuse these rules.


Aron Snyder
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