New Member Intro from Washington


Mar 12, 2012
Damascus, OR

Just joined today after I found this site looking up some David Long hunts. I live on the wet side of Washington, but am more of a long time Oregonian. I hunt bow only. Have hunted the great basin ranges in Oregon and Nevada for over 25 years. Now 52, I stay in good shape and hope to have many more years in the mountains. Was/am a disciple of Dwight Schuh; I have to give credit to every success I've had to his simple "do as I say and you will succeed" writing style and forcing myself against my own nature to be patient enough to follow stalks through to completion. I've never taken a true trophy, preferring to take the first 3X4 I find bedded alone under a bush. I hope to change that by hunting better areas and being pickier. Anyways, I hope to learn lots from you guys and enjoy the common spirit.

Tim - aka Pueblo (A beautiful desert mountain in SE Oregon)