New Member in SE WY

Aug 15, 2012
SW Utah
Hi All,

I just wanted to stop in and introduce myself as I'm new on the forum.

I live in Laramie, WY, so I am fortunate and blessed to have been doing the DIY western hunting since I was 12. More recently though, as elk have been harder to find, I've been pushed farther and farther from the roads and that is what indirectly led me to this forum. So far the info contained here looks to be very helpful! I typically hunt in the month of September during our archery season.

I am 23 and will be starting a master degree in Church Ministry this fall. While I enjoy bowhunting and shooting sports, I realize that they are not what this life is about. We are all here to glorify God in our lives because He deserves that. Why does He deserve our honor and praise? Because He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to take the punishment for the the sins of all people, that we might be reconciled to Him.

I hope by my being on this forum to be a more successful bowhunter, but ultimately that in my interactions with all here that God may be honored and glorified.

Thanks again all for the great forum!
Aug 1, 2012
We share a common faith it seems, whilei am by no means legalistic, without grace or pharisaical, i believe all The Bible and Christ is The Only Way. I have only four semesters to finish a masters of divinity at Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC. I went to Liberty University on a full football scholarship and graduated there but i am a good bit older than you, 38, feel 25 but cant believe how fast the years have pasted. I am hoping to hunt Wyoming next year. Would love to talk with you about the hunting out there and about The Faith. Would you consider me paying you to scout Wyoming for me? Maybe trade you helping me line up horses and a pack in hunt in exchange for a few hunts out here in the appalachian mountians and pay you fairly of course in the way of money and expenses. Could you call me sometime? 910-237-3882