My photo sequence on my antelope hunt


Feb 29, 2012
Springtown, TX
I shot an antelope in ID a few years back. He came in working around the blind but was so curious he wouldn't pass the blind but rather approached it a few different times. The last time he got with in range. I had ranged a rock at 51yds and a small sage bush at 40. He was spooky but angled in towards me, at 51yds he was still quartering to me, no shot. At the sage bush he turned broadside but was on edge. He was at 40 yds and I shot him at 35 yds knowing he would drop. I hit him well on the entry but the exit was high because he dropped so quick. He went 400-500 yds in a flash and I lost sight of him. We found him an hour later bedded. After watching, accessing the situation and determining his condition we decided we could come straight up behind him and put the follow up shot. Below is the series of pics the guide took.
Glassing the downed antelope
Follow up shot
Follow up shot reaction
Finally the Grip N Grin


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