Mentored Youth Hunt

Feb 25, 2012
In Michigan we now have a new youth classification for hunters under 10 years old. Not sure who is more excited, me or my 8-year-old son! I can carry 2 weapons afield so I'm taking my bow and a 410 threaded with some 3" #4 shot in the morning to the turkey blind. He has a fall turkey, 2 deer tags, all-species fish, fur bearer and small game all for $8.50!

I shall report on our trip after the morning hunt. I have candy and granola bars, Faygo Cream Soda, and other assorted snacks.

I can take him turkey hunting for about 6 weeks since I am not limited to public or private land or management unit or season. Kudos to the DNR! Turkey season opened Monday but I didn't get him until tonight so preparations have been made, down sleeping bag ready and a short how-to on safety.

We are expecting rain and snow tonight and the wind this past week has been hectic. I have not killed one yet so I hope my lacking is made up in his experience. How cool! An 8-year-old turkey slayer!