Looking for a horse packer the will service Colorado GMU 85?


Feb 24, 2012
Go to the CO outfitters association and start making calls, let them know what trailhead you will be at because the good ones do not cross over into other areas that are not theirs even if it is in the same gmu. My area only has 1 licensed outfitter even though a few pop up in the unit, they each have their region and trailheads. I keep in contact with the outfitter in my area incase I ever need a packer and he has become another valuable source for the area if I can't scout, they are not all this nice but it is worth getting a relationship started.
Aug 1, 2012
This man is supposed to be good

Was recommended to me by a rancher or the game and fish, i think it was one of the two. Have not actaully used him but spoke with him and he seems to be solid and honest. its atleast a lead anyway. His name is Don Dokins and his number is 970-826-4383