Last chance for AZ draw

robby denning

Staff member
Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
If you applied in AZ for deer, sheep,
your deadline to update your debit or credit card is July 13th.

Don't get rejected because your card is expired, over limt, or whatever other reason they can decline.

Here is the link

Go to the bottom of that page to "Update my payment info"

You can get in with a SS# and bday.

Don't hope that AZ will call you to say your sheep tag is ready as soon as you update your card! Too much demand for them to chase you. Your app could just go back in the pile and next guy who's prepared gets your tag.

Even if you think you are fine, check the card they have on file. It's easy.

My bank just changed my card number even though my account is the same and I had to update. Thankfully I caught it.

Best of luck.